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Mata Jitu waterfall is Located in Labu Aji Village in the Western Part of Moyo island Sumbawa, Stunning place covered by lush green forest, with amazing river in two different water's color. this gorgeous place firstly well-known by the visit of Lady Diana followed by another famous peoples from all around the world. The beauty of nature here are very fascinating, tourist comes to relax themselves after doing snorkeling or dive or after the sun-drenched on the wonderful beaches on the island. Mata Jitu looks so exclusive for the tourist, in that regards, the locals are looking after the places in order to keep it natural

Hiking or Soft trek to Mata Jitu waterfall will takes 1 hour on foot from Labu Aji village, be on motorbike is another option, which will shorter your time to reach the waterfall, 30 minutes on bike then on foot in 10 minutes. While for going to Moyo island can be conducted through 2 different route, you can do it by taking a boat from Sumbawa Besar or Ai Bari beach North Sumbawa



Sumbawa is an Indonesian island, located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, with Lombok to the west, Flores to the east, and Sumba further to the southeast. It is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Sumbawa is 15,448 km2 or 5,965 sq mi (three times the size of Lombok) with a current population of around 1.33 million. It marks the boundary between the islands to the west, which were influenced by religion and culture spreading from India, and the region to the east that was not so influenced. In particular this applies to both Hinduism and Islam.

Sumbawa is administratively divided into 4 regencies and one kota (city). They are:

Bima CityCapital : Bima
Population in 2010 Census 142.443

Bima Regency
Capital : Raba,
population in 2010 Census 438.552

Dompu regency
Capital : Dompu
Population in 2010 Census 218.984

West Sumbawa Regency
Capital : Taliwang
Population in 2010 Census 114.754

Sumbawa Regency
Capital : Sumbawa Besar
Population in 2010 Census 415.363

Total population : 1.330.066

Sumbawa lies within the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is a volcanic island, including Mount Tambora (8°14’41”S, 117°59’35”E) which exploded in April 1815, the most destructive volcanic eruption in modern history (roughly four times larger than the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, between Java and Sumatra, in terms of volume of magma ejected). The eruption killed as many as 72,000. It also apparently destroyed a small culture of Southeast Asian affinity, known to archaeologists as the Tamboran kingdom. It launched 100 cubic kilometres (24 cu mi) of ash into the upper atmosphere, which caused 1816 to be the "year without a summer

The World Class Surfing Spot, Famous of its Left handle Wave and the most Consistent Wave in the world

Located in Plampang Sub- District, laid in Saleh Bay, tranquil small island with Beautiful savnna and White sandy Beaches

Located in Batu Tering Village, Moyo Hulu Sub- District Sumbawa Regency, 1 Hour Drive from the Capital of Sumbawa Besar. The Megalithic Tombs Spreaded in 5 Spots, an amazing heritages from Pr-History in Sumbawa Island

Located on Temang Dongan Hill, Soft trek in 2 hours to Amazing Megalithic Tombs with Wonderful Scenery from Up the Hill

95 Km From the Capital of Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa Regency, White Sandy Beaches facing the Hindian Ocean, a peaceful place in the South of Sumbawa

Tambora Peninsula Exclave, Wonderful Island With Amazing Motitoi lake in the Middle, can be reached 1 hour with Speed Boat from North Sumbawa.

Located in North Sumbawa, an amazing island with many stunning spots, such as ; Mata Jitu Waterfall, Coral Hill, the Green River, Bat Cave, Dive site, Snorkeling Spot, Hunting park, Wonderful Forest, Wild Animals, Thus are; Some Birds, Pig, Wild Cow, and Deer. Moyo island has many Peaceful Beaches that still un-named.Famous people used to come escaping from the Hustle bustle to get the peaceful feeling in the awesome landscape in Moyo island.

Wonderful small island surrounded by life coral, one of the best snorkeling spot in Sumbawa Regency, A peaceful place for relaxing, only 10 minutes by speed boat from Utan Sub- District Sumbawa Regency.

Located in West Sumbawa Regency, it is World Class Surfing Spot, with white sandy beaches

Peaceful beaches with white sand just next to Rantung Beach.



Hidden in a lush green forest, with clear water that uncontaminated by any pollution, the natural pool with green and blue turquoise water are all around, hard to choice which one is the best for you.
This place have been attracting many VVIP (Very very important person) come to see and spend their very private time that away from hustle bustle

Mata Jitu Waterfall and its natural pool can be reached 30 minutes by bike  or 1 hour Soft trekking from Labu Aji Village Moyo Island - Sumbawa. while Moyo island can be reached from Sumbawa Besar with motor boat in 1,5 hours or 1 hour by speed boat from Ai Bari North Sumbawa.



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